Visa for International Students in Austria

International Students require a visa in order to study in Austria.  Read below to understand the terms and conditions of the Visa.

Entry and Residence Conditions

EU/EEA and Swiss Nationals
Nationals of EU and EEA member countries and Swiss nationals do not need visas or residence permits. If staying in Austria for longer than 3 months, i.e. 90 days you have to apply for a registration confirmation at the immigration office within 4 months of entry to Austria.

Other Foreigners
Other foreigners if staying for longer than 6 months, have to apply for a residence permit for studying at the Austrian representative authority before entering Austria after the receipt of the admittance notification.
Nationals of the following countries need no visa if they are going to stay in Austria for no longer than 3 months.
Argentina,Andorra, Australia, Brunei, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Costa Rica, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Honduras, Israel, Japan (6 months), Republic of Korea, (South), Malaysia, Macao, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Panama, Singapore, San Marino, Uruguay, Vatican City, Venezuela, United States of America

Nationals of all other countries need a visa C for stays of a maximum of 3 months. For stays of 4 to a maximum of 6 months citizens of all countries except Japan need a visa D or a visa D or C.

Austrian Visa for Students with Entrance Examination

Students who are allowed to enter Austria without a visa can travel to Austria to take part in the admission tests /entrance examination and can then apply for their residence permit in Austria in person at the representative authority after having passed this exam.

Students who are not allowed to enter Austria without a visa and who have to appear for an entrance examination have to apply for a residence permit in person at the Austrian representative authority with their provisional admission confirmation letter.

The student has to apply at the authority for a visa D for travelling to Austria. The Austrian representative authority issues the visa D for a validity period of 4 months and would indicate that the reception of the residence permit will be conditional on the passing of the entrance exam. After successfully passing the examination the student has to submit evidence of adequate financial funds and proof of accommodation at the Austrian authority along with the definite proof of admission to receive the residence permit.

Renewal of the Residence Permit
For the renewal of the residence permit, you have to put in the application at the Austrian authority before expiry of the residence permit.

Types of Austrian Visa
If you want to study in Austria for no longer than 6 months, you will need either of the following visa for in Austria:
  • Visa C: Visa C (Schengenvisa) is a travel visa. It permits to stay in Austria and in all other Schengen countries for an uttermost of 90 days.  
  • Visa D: A residence visa D entitles to stay in Austria for at least 91 days and up to a maximum of 6 months. This visa is not needed if you are a Japanese citizen.
  • Visa D C:  A visa D C permits to stay in all Schengen countries during the first 90 days of the first entry to the Schengen region. For the rest of the validity period it permits stay in Austria.

Processing Time of Austrian Visa

Processing Time is a minimum of 15 days (not including the day of submission at VFS) for all the Visa categories. However, in certain cases the process may take significantly longer.

Applying Ways and Means:
Students interested in studying in Austria need to apply in person for a visa at an Austrian consulate or embassy before travelling to Austria. You have to register with the registration office at your place of abode within 3 working days of arrival in Austria. You can take the visa application form either from the representative authority, or can download from the Internet.

Key Documentation:

The significant documents required to be submitted are:
  • An application form- completely filled and signed, a birth certificate and certificate of good conduct
  • Passport and Photos: A valid passport and a colour photograph passport-sized
Health insurance details
Admission Letter/Admission Notification: Admission notification from the Austrian educational institution

Proof of Financial funds: Students up to 24 years of age should have at least  EUR 473.70 per month, while for students over 24 years of age must have EUR 857.73 per month in order to prove that their financial stability. These amounts have to be proved for a maximum of 12 months by means of a savings account or a bank account, a Declaration of Guarantee from a person residing in Austria, proof of purchase of traveler’s cheques for the necessary amount; or a confirmation of a grant. If the costs for accommodation be greater than EUR 267.64 per month, you will have to prove additional funds.

Accommodation Proof: An accommodation proof must be submitted. It can be in the form of a rental agreement, a student hall of residence accommodation agreement, or an assignment of the right of use accommodation.


The fee varies from year to year. Check the official website or inquiry about the same with the concerned representative authority.

Expenses are subject to change. For latest guidelines see official weblink Information about Entry and Residence for Students and Researchers
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