Secondary and Vocational Education & Training in Austria

Austrian Students have the following options after lower secondary school:

Vocational schools and Apprenticeship (dual system)
The vocational schools combines practical training with the mediation of professional theoretical knowledge and key skill. It also promotes job training and supplement and expand the general education. It is mandatory to demonstrate evidence of completion of  9-year compulsory education for the admission in dual training. An apprenticeship lasts according to the selected teaching and concludes with the final apprenticeship examination.

Currently there are over 250 recognised occupations some of them are: Construction, Fashion, Textile, Leather, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering and Electronics, Horticulture and Agriculture, Hospitality and Food Industry, Wood, glass, stone, plastic, Printing, graphics, paper, Office, administration, tourism, transport and traffic, Metalworking and Processing, Musical instrument production, Optics and Photography, Health and body and beauty care and so on.
Vocational Schools (BMS)
Vocational middle schools teach vocational skills and general knowledge. Intermediate technical and vocational schools (BMS) lasts for one to four years.  A completion certificate along with the Euro Pass Certificate Supplement is issued. It describes skills and competencies that have been acquired as part of vocational training. The admittance to vocational middle school (BMS)  requires the successful completion of grade 8. 
Vocational secondary schools (BHS): In the higher vocational schools a higher vocational training and a sound general education are provided. The courses take 5 years and conclude with the maturity and diploma examination.  
Academic secondary schools (AHS): The general academic secondary school provides an in-depth general education. The academic secondary school is divided into lower level and high school and concludes with the matriculation examination- Matura. 
Integrative vocational training:  The Integrative vocational training provides a tailor-made vocational training for deprived youth to fulfil their potential to professional skills.

Post-Secondary Education [ISCED 4A/4B]

The Non-university Tertiary Sector [ISCED 4 Level] includes educational institutions for nurses (Schulen fur Gesundheits- und Krankenpflege) [ISCED 4B], Add-on courses (Aufbaulehrgange) [ISCED 4A] and the Vocational Matriculation Examination (Berufsreifeprufung). Schools for general healthcare and nursing (Schulen fur allgemeine Gesundheits- und Krankenpflege) [ISCED 4B] cannot be started before successful completion of the tenth year of schooling. Training is provided within the dual system, with practical training at a hospital and theoretical education at school. They are completed with a diploma examination.

Educational Establishments for Nurses: An educational establishment for nurses provides vocational learning and training to students and permits them to work as qualified general nurses. The program takes three years. Types of Educational institutions for nurses are: 
  • Educational institutions for nurses responsible for general care
  • Educational institutions for paediatrics nurses, and 
  • Educational institutions for psychiatric nurses
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