Higher Education Degree Programs in Austria

Austria offers three types of degree programs: Bachelor degree, Master's degree and Doctoral or PhD degree programs. Following given details.

Bachelor Degree Program

The first cycle, or undergraduate studies, is the bachelor's degree program. The bachelor studies concludes with the degree of Bachelor and requires ECTS credits of minimum 180 and in some cases, 240 credits are needed.
In Austria, Bachelor programs provide academic and practice-oriented education. It offers comprehensive, fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for the career path. Upon completion of a Bachelor degree in Austria, students are qualified to go on to further their education in a Masters or PhD program or seek employment.
  • Duration: Austrian Bachelor programs lasts for three years 
  • Semesters : 6-8 semesters

Master Degree Programs

Master studies require the successful completion of a bachelor course of study and conclude with the academic degree of Master. ECTS credits required for Master’s is at least 120 to 240.
A Masters degree allows students to acquire more knowledge of the subject area of their choice. During their Master’s studies, students need to undertake internships to gain valuable, hands-on experience in the discipline they are studying. The Master’s degree enables students to proceed to further level of education, i.e. the doctoral studies, or they can even enter the job marketplace. 
For admittance to a Masters degree in Austria, you must have a relevant Bachelors or equivalent degree. 
  • Duration: Austrian Master Program lasts for one to two years.
  • Semesters: 2-4 semesters

Diploma Programs

These programs conclude with the award of a diploma in most disciplines or Diplomingenieur (in) for engineers. 
  • Duration: 4 to 6 years
  • Semesters: 8-10 semesters

Doctoral Degree Programs

Doctoral studies (Dr. / PhD) are based on the successful completion of master degree in a related field of study. During doctoral studies, students need to demonstrate their capacity to create an original piece of research work. It concludes with the degree of Doktor/in or PhD.
Students for PhD Austria need to undertake a coursework in addition to original research, which is typically carried on under the oversight of a faculty member. Research must result in a dissertation that significantly contributes to the field of study. There are a variety of options for a PhD Austria. Some common areas of study include biology, physics, biotechnology, urban design, engineering, and IT. 
  • Duration: PhD Austria takes about four to five years to complete.
  • Semesters: At least 6 semesters

Admission Requirements

Each level of education in the Austria has varying requirements. An applicant is required to meet pre-defined requisites in order to gain entry into the next level of studies. Students also needs to prove proficiency in English or German language skills, as these are the two languages used for university studies in Austria.

Educational Degrees at Universities

The pertinent educational degree is awarded after the student has fulfilled all coursework and examinations required by the course of study. 

Bachelor Degrees

  • Bachelor of Arts 
  • Bachelor of Law 
  • Bachelor of Science 
  • Bachelor of Economic and Social Sciences 
  • Bachelor of Theology 
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine 
  • Bachelor (for individual studies) 

Master and Diploma Degrees

  • Doctor of Dentistry DentD (Dr. med. dent.)
  • Doctor of Medicine MD (Dr. med. univ.)
  • Master of Art MArt (Mag. art.)
  • Master of Law MA  LLM (Mag. iur.) 
  • Master of Science MSc (DI or Dipl.-Ing.)
  • Master of Science MSc (Mag. rer. nat.)
  • Master of Social and Economic Sciences MSocEcSc (Mag. rer. soc. oec.) 
  • Master of Theology  ThM (Mag. theol.) 
  • Master of Veterinary Medicine MVM (Mag. med. vet.) 
  • Master (for individual studies) (Mag.) 

Doctoral Degrees

  • Doctor D (Dr.) 
  • Doctor of Philosophy PhD (PhD) 

Educational Degrees at Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS)

The pertinent educational degree is awarded after the student has fulfilled all coursework and examinations required by the course of study. 

Bachelor Degrees

  • Bachelor of Arts in Arts and Design B.A.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies 
  • Bachelor of Arts in Military Services 
  • Bachelor of Arts in Police Leadership 
  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences 
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering B.Sc.
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Studies.
  • Bachelor of Laws LL.B.

Master Degrees

  • Diplom-Ingenieur/Diplom-Ingenieurin (for engineers) 
  • Master of Arts in Arts and Design M.A.
  • Master of Arts in Cultural Studies 
  • Master of Arts in Business 
  • Master of Arts in Military Services
  • Master of Arts in Police Leadership 
  • Master of Arts in Social Sciences 
  • Master of Science in Health Studies M.Sc.
  • Master of Science in Natural Sciences 

Diploma Degrees

  • Diplom-Ingenieur/Diplom-Ingenieurin (FH) (for engineers) DI (FH)
  • Magister/Magistra (FH) Mag. (FH)

Educational Degree at University Colleges of Teacher Education

The bachelor degree “Bachelor of Education” (“B.Ed”) is honored after the student has completed all coursework and passes the exams required by the course of study. 
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