Student Support in Austria

International Student support consists of a number of direct and indirect aids whose major share is financed to students from public wallet.

Indirect Support Measures

Indirect support measures are independent of the social needs and include family allowances, sharing the insurance coverage of parents or self-insurance schemes, statutory accident insurance, and fiscal benefits whenever children are enrolled as students.

Direct Support Measures

Direct support measures are given in accordance with the Student Support Act (Studienforderungsgesetz), and depend upon the social needs and the academic accomplishments of pupils. 
There are also other special support measures such as study grants that pay the entire or part of the tuition fee, commuter travelling grants, benefits for studying abroad, etc.

Study Grants in Austria

Study grants are the most pivotal of the state’s student support measures. They are intended to ease admission to study for every child who is willing to and have the potential to study.

Eligibility Conditions:

Following students enrolled at Austrian Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences degree programs, Polytechnic courses, Colleges of education,or Conservatories, are entitled to receive study grants:
  • Citizens of Austria or EU or EEA Country Nationals or Switzerland Nationals 
  • Those who are not citizens of Austria, but who, together with at least one parent, had the interest to study in Austria and were liable to income tax for a minimum of five years before beginning to study
  • Convention refugees

Amount of Study Grant:

The amount of the monthly study grant is computed by deducting the reductions from the possible maximum annual student grant. Study grants are paid twelve times per academic year.
  • The maximum study grant amounts to EUR 5,088 per year for regular students, while the maximum study grant amounts to EUR 7,272 per year for orphans, for married students, for students who are required by law to maintain and educate a minimum of one child, for students who need to have a domicile in the municipality of the place of study for reasons of their studies, as well as for students who make arrangements for themselves. 
  • An additional sum is granted to handicapped students depending upon the type and degree of the disability. 

Additional Support Measures for International Students in Austria

The additional support measures provided are as follows:
  • Travel Grants: These grants finances the travel expenses of the students that are necessary to complete their studies 
  • Contribution to Insurance Costs:  It provides reasonably-priced health insurance scheme to students receiving study grants.
  • Scholarships: Scholarships are provided to support the studies of the students. It supports the degree-program students studying at the university during their final phase of the studies, and up to an age limit of 41 years.
  • Tuition-fee Grant: This grant pays the tuition fee of the students.

Performance-Based / Merit Scholarships

Performance-based / Merit scholarships acknowledge outstanding academic accomplishments. They are offered by the Universities of Applied Sciences and Universities degree programs in every academic year. To avail this scholarship, an average of minimum 2.0 and above on the exams, courses and scientific projects must be maintained. The amount of these grants is between 727, - EURO 1.500, - EURO per academic year.

Promoting Scholarships

Promoting scholarships are for those degree students who carry out scientific or artistic dissertation. They are offered every academic year at universities and University of Applied Sciences degree courses of studies. 
The amount of a support scholarship must be no less than EUR 700.0, for an academic year, and no more than EUR 3.600.

To get support scholarship, students need to submit an application to finish an uncompleted thesis, along with a description of the work still to be done; it’s costing and a funding plan. At least one university teacher opinion on the costing of the thesis and on the student’s performance with respect to the thesis is required. 

Authority to Handle Study Grants

The Study Grant Authority (Studienbeihilfenbehorde) is established to handle applications for study grants and other support measures in conformity with the directions of the Federal Minister.  The scholarship offices (Stipendienstellen) of the Study Grant Authority are situated in Klagenfurt, Graz, Linz, Innsbruck, Vienna and Salzburg. For latest updates see official website
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